No new Michelin stars in Norway

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Norway’s top restaurants held on to their Michelin stars in the new Guide Michelin released on Tuesday, but no new restaurants won any. Norwegian chef Terje Ness, however, had a bit more to brag about.

All told, Norway now has five restaurants with a Michelin star: Haga in Bærum, and Oscarsgate, Statholdergaarden, Le Canard and Spisestedet Feinschmecker, all in Oslo. A sixth restaurant which long had held Michelin honors, Bagatelle, closed in December after disagreements between the owner that had bankrolled it for years and his high-profile chef.

In addition to the restaurants with stars, Guide Michelin awarded its special mention called BibGourmand to Restaurant Eik in Oslo.

Now Michelin has also bestowed a BibGourmand distinction on Oro Bar & Grill in Oslo, which is run by chef Terje Ness. Ness also is behind restaurant Haga, which borders a golf course in Bærum, so he now can boast two levels of Michelin distinction.

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