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Saturday, May 21, 2022

Moose mayhem at the market

Customers at a grocery store in the southeastern Norwegian city of Kongsvinger got quite a surprise on Tuesday, when a moose calf marched into the market and made quite a mess.

The moose first made its way into the local shopping center called Sundehjørnet, making a stop at the flower shop and the bakery before barging into the Kiwi grocery store.

Moose are not an uncommon site in the area, but the young male ox’s shopping trip was entirely unexpected.

“I was very shaken when it was all over,” Inger Lise Moss of the flower shop told Norwegian Broadcasting (NRK). “It was a very special day on the job.”

SEE VIDEO FROM THE STORE’S SECURITY CAMERA ON NRK HERE. (External link in Norwegian. Click on the arrow next to NRK to start the video.)

Once inside the Kiwi, the large animal headed for the drinks section and seemed interested in the non-alcoholic beer known called Clausthaler. It knocked over plants and other items before finally exiting the shopping center.

The moose was last seen making its way back to the nearby forest. NRK reported that wildlife authorities intended to try tracking it down, to determine whether it was injured and should be put out of any misery.

Shop workers were cleaning up, and there may be some unusual insurance claims to file.

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