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Monday, May 27, 2024

Kiting in the last rays of sunlight

The sun has now set for the year over Norway’s Arctic areas, but before it disappeared, folks flocked out to soak up a few final rays, so to speak. This man near Tromsø opted for a strenuous, adventurous approach.

Heading up Fløya, outside Tromsø. PHOTO: Morten Andersen

The mountainous area with its summit on Fløya offers not only a panoramic view over Tromsø, but some sporting challenges as well. This lone kiter trudged his way up the mountainside to literally fly over the snow while there was still some daylight.

The adventurous man has raised his kite and is on the way up the mountain. PHOTO: Morten Andersen

After some preparations, and perhaps a pause to catch his breath, the adventurous outdoorsman got his kite up and could play with the wind. In the background looms Tromsdalstind, 1,238 meters over the sea.

The midday sky and view to the south from Fløya, before the sun set for the year. PHOTO: Morten Andersen

Daylight faded quickly. Here’s one of the last sunsets of the year and the view to the south, with the summit of Fløya (elevation 671 meters) to the left. The sun will rise again over Tromsø in mid-January.

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