Young lynching suspects questioned

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Two underaged Norwegian boys have been questioned as suspects in the attempted lynching of another Norwegian boy in Sweden over the Easter weekend. No charges have been filed, though, and both young suspects deny any involvement.

Swedish police have confirmed that they suspect the two boys, aged 13 and 14, of grabbing the 11-year-old victim, putting a noose around his neck and tying him to a tree at a campground in Charlottenberg on Friday evening. A passerby happened to spot the boy tied to the tree around 10 minutes later and rescued him from what police believe could have been a fatal hanging. They have classified the case as an attempted murder.

News bureau NTB reports that the police investigation, however, has been complicated by the suspects’ young ages and the fact that most possible witnesses, holiday visitors to the campground, have since traveled home, including the two suspects and their families.

The Swedish police have stressed that their goal in questioning the boys was not aimed at charging them but finding out what happened at the campground Friday evening. The victim has been unable to give a detailed description of his attackers.

Police said their suspicions were unchanged after the questioning, nor do they have a basis for a legal case so far. The mother of the 13-year-old said her son was baffled by what happened and didn’t see a thing.

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