Historic ship runs aground

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The captain of Norway’s historic passenger vessel Skibladner, also billed as the world’s oldest paddle steamer still in operation, quickly admitted to a navigational error after ramming the breakwater at Hamar on Lake Mjøsa Sunday morning.

The historic 'Skibladner' has sailed on Lake Mjøsa for 155 years. PHOTO: Oplandske Dampskibsselskap/Beate Tønnessen

The accident occurred as Skibladner was sailing into port at Hamar around 11am.

“It was pure and simple a human error,” Captain Ole Brandanger told local newspaper Hamar Arbeiderblad. “I made a mistake when I should have gone into reverse on our approach (to the dock at Hamar.) Instead we kept going forward. I tried to correct the mistake, but we hit the breakwater anyway.” There were no injuries.

The stately old vessel, which has sailed on Lake Mjøsa since 1856, was later pulled off the rocks to applause from spectators. Damage was not severe and Skibladner, still sailing its summer routes, was expected to be back in service later this week.

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