Less crime after July 22

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New statistics reflecting criminal activity in Norway show a marked decline in the days just after last month’s terrorist attacks in Oslo and on an island outside the capital.

Police had far fewer calls for help and received far fewer reports for alleged offenses. “From the afternoon of Friday July 22 and until Sunday July 24 we received 12 reports of alleged theft, shoplifting and pickpocketing,” Ola Kroken of the Oslo Police District told newspaper Aftenposten.

In a city of around half-a-million people, 12 incidents of crime is “much less than normal,” Kroken said.

The city was in mourning and large parts of downtown were blocked off, likely explanations for the drop in crime on what otherwise likely would have been a busy summer weekend. Statistics have been steadily rising since, though. “That’s rather sad,” Gro Smedsrud of the Manglerud police station said. “It should be so calm all the time.”

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