Trondheim tops ‘most expensive’ list

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A new list of the world’s most expensive cities has suddenly catapulted the Norwegian city of Trondheim into the top spot. The relatively small metropolis in north-central Norway is now ranked as more expensive than both Oslo and Zurich.

The ranking by website is based on a comparison of prices for 241,000 various goods and services, reports, the website for Trondheim’s major newspaper.

The prices are compared to those in a long list of cities all over the world and more than 23,000 people contributed to the survey. Trondheim replaced Oslo and Stavanger with the dubious distinctions of being the world’s most-expensive cities in which to live.

All of the seven most expensive cities were located in either Norway or Switzerland, both of which have remained outside the European Union and are known for protectionist trade policies. The next most-expensive city within Scandinavia was listed as Copenhagen, in 14th place.

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