Oslo tops in bottle returns

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Never before have Oslo residents returned so many beverage cans and bottles as they did last year, and a grocery store in the east-side district of Lambertseter saw record high activity around its bottle-return machines.

Norway imposes deposit fees on cans and half-liter bottles of one krone (about 16 US cents) and 2.5 kroner on larger, 1.5 liter bottles. That can make it worthwhile to return them, and fully 51 million were during 2011, according to the recirculation agency Norsk Resirk. The Rema 1000 grocery story in Lambertseter took in around 560,000 alone, reported newspaper Aften.

Nationwide, a record 362 million cans and 110 million bottles were returned for deposit, up by 52 million from the year before.

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