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7.4 C
Wednesday, April 17, 2024

Editor’s note: Ice chilled updates

It’s been another challenging winter in Norway and even though we haven’t had the brutally cold temperatures of the past two years, the streets and sidewalks can be hazardous. They can quickly get covered with slippery snow and ice, something the editor of this site painfully experienced first-hand.

Three weeks ago I joined the legions of Norwegians who fall on the ice every year. It was a Thursday evening, it was dark, and the spikes I could have attached to my boots (called brodder in Norwegian) had been foolishly left at home. It just didn’t seem all that icy outside.

Wrong. The fall itself was quick and merciless. After a sleepless night, it forced a trip to an emergency clinic known as legevakt the next day and its X-ray department. The doctor’s message afterwards was short and to the point: “Brudd (fracture) in the left elbow, minimum four weeks recovery time.”

I tried to keep working and writing stories as usual, not least because ventures like this one have no provisions for sick leave, but soon realized a break was necessary. The elbow simply needed some time off.

Some new stories have kept popping in, but I felt that those of you who click in every day should know that daily updating was (literally) put on ice. I hope you’ll forgive the interruption and keep clicking in. The intention is to be back following the news from Monday. And for those of you here in Norway, two words of advice: Bruk brodder! (Use spikes!)

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