REC closes remaining plants in Norway

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Solar energy company Renewable Energy Corp (REC)  has decided to shut down its two remaining plants at Herøya in Telemark County, throwing another 500 employees out of work. The plants produced components used to make solar cells, but costs hit their competitiveness, especially against Chinese rivals.

“We are very sorry that our state authorities have shown so little interest for the future of energy sources and technology in Norway,” stated employee representative Hans Ødegard. “At the same time, the state, through the oil fund, has invested in Chinese solar firms, not in REC.”

Ødegard said the shutdown, not unexpected after REC earlier closed other modern plants in Norway, was “disappointing,” not just for the employees “but for the solar industry in Norway.”

REC officials said the Telemark plants had been expected to continue to deliver “considerable” negative results.

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