Electricity bills likely to keep rising

Last year’s historically low electricity bills in Norway are now estimated to rise by as much as NOK 10,000 (USD 1,200) this year. Politicians have agreed to boost social welfare payments to those hit the hardest. The government and a majority in Parliament ended up supporting a proposal last week from the Socialist Left party […]

Politicians promise electricity bill relief

Both the new Norwegian government and the opposition in Parliament claim they’re ready to help reduce suddenly sky-high electricity bills. As snow started falling over much of Norway this week, proposals include both energy tax cuts and direct financial support to those most in need. Some crisis measures may be approved as early as Thursday, […]

Electricity rates climbing to new record

Electricity rates in Southern Norway are expected to rise on Monday to their highest level yet this year, according to the electricity trader NordPool. It expects kilowatt hour rates on Monday to be around NOK 1.31 in Oslo and NOK 1.32 in Kristiansand, triple what they usually are. State broadcaster NRK went so far as […]

Energy crisis fuels Norway’s currency

The Norwegian krone has strengthened markedly in recent weeks, as has the country’s economy in general. It’s a case of the rich getting richer, as the energy crisis boosts the price of Norway’s oil, gas and electricity at the expense of its trading partners. The krone (crown), which rises and falls in line with oil […]

Controversial cable ready for testing

The world’s longest undersea power line was ready to start sending electricity from Norway to Great Britain on a trial basis on Friday. The cable is controversial, though, and the subject of ongoing political debate. The cable that runs from Kvildal in Rogaland on Norway’s southwest coast to the North Sea Links plant north of Newcastle […]

Oil industry expects a new energy crisis

Recently soaring electricity rates in Norway and high gasoline prices at the pump are just a taste of what may lay ahead, warn various oil industry players. They have their own vested interests and can profit on such booms, but several meeting in Oslo last week think consumers need to brace for a new energy […]

‘Embarrassing’ energy plan unveiled

NEWS ANALYSIS: The Norwegian government worked hard this week to put the best possible spin on its oil and energy plans for the future, while also learning that Norway’s carbon emissions have actually been higher than previously reported. “This is embarrassing and now it’s full alarm,” claimed the leader of Norway’s chapter of Friends of […]

‘Spies target the oil and energy sector’

UPDATED: The abrupt resignation on Friday of the central bank boss responsible for Norway’s huge Oil Fund, because he’d lost his security clearance, came just a day after Norwegian intelligence experts warned of increased spying on the country’s oil and energy sector. Among those believed to be behind the alleged spying: China and Russia. Jon […]

Equinor’s windmills stir more debate

The Norwegian government’s decision to fund half if not all of a huge offshore wind power project for state oil company Equinor is stirring up both praise and criticism. Critics believe the highly profitable Equinor should pay for the pioneering project itself, while others are glad the state is supporting wind energy that won’t involve […]

Activists ready to joust at windmills

Local environmental groups and outdoor enthusiasts are reeling after the state energy directorate NVE presented new and widespread plans for more windmill developments. Three of them are in Trøndelag, and opponents claim they would ruin more scenic landscapes. “We’re still sitting here in a state of shock,” Jonny Remmereit of the hiking and nature association […]