Norwegians drinking more wine

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New figures from state statistics bureau SSB confirm a trend that started several years ago: Norwegians are drinking more wine than liquor and now even more than beer.

SSB reported this week that Norwegians bought 77 million liters of wine last year, up from 73 million the year before. Beer purchases, meanwhile, declined by 2.5 million liters after years of a decline in liquor sales. Beer sales haven’t seen an upswing since 2008.

Even many young Norwegians now seem to prefer wine to beer, with three women in their 20s telling newspaper Dagsavisen that they think wine “tastes better” than beer and goes better with food.

“I enjoy wine more than beer,” 21-year-old Carina Aas told Dagsavisen. There also have been reports that many Norwegians believe wine is healthier than beer, contains less calories and reflects a more continental lifestyle.

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