German artists donate mosaics

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Several hundred German artists have gotten together to create special mosaics that they want to donate in Norway, in a show of sympathy for the Norwegian people one year after terrorist attacks that killed 77 persons.

The mosaics, made mostly from bits of glass, are meant to symbolize how broken glass can be put together again in a new manner, much like broken hearts or spirits can be mended or re-formed as well. The mosaics are made out of love,” one of the artists, Male Rinsland, told news bureau NTB this week as she sat outside the Oslo Cathedral with some of the mosaics.

Rinsland said it hadn’t been decided exactly to whom the mosaics will be given, or where they’ll be placed. “I just wanted to show how it’s possible to create something new out of what’s been damaged or destroyed,” she told NTB. “This is our gift to Norway.”

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