Brown slugs torment gardeners

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Norway is undergoing another invasion of snails and slugs this summer, and local gardeners fear they’re losing the battle. Stores are sold out of the products used to get rid of the slimy invaders.

A mild winter and wet summer have led to perfect conditions for the slugs and they’re flourishing all over the country. Some gardeners become murderous in their efforts to prevent the slugs from eating their plants and flowers. Armed with gardening shears or even just scissors, they hunt out the slugs and brutally cut them in half before throwing them in buckets.

They’d prefer putting out the poison that can kill the slugs, but demand has been so heavy this year that retailers’ shelves are bare. The producer in England can’t make the stuff fast enough, because the slugs are appearing elsewhere in Europe as well. In Norway they’ve been most abundant in coastal areas of southern Norway and inland along the Swedish border north to Trøndelag.

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