Demonstrators arrested outside Russian Embassy

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Three persons were arrested after a demonstration outside the Russian Embassy in Oslo late Monday afternoon. The demonstration’s organizers hadn’t applied to the local police for permission to hold the event, which protested Russia’s treatment of the political band Pussy Riot.

Norwegian Broadcasting (NRK) reported that just under 20 persons took part in the demonstration around 4pm outside the embassy on a portion of the fashionable street Drammensveien, where several other embassies are also located. They tried to hang up posters on the embassy fence but were hindered by police, who arrested those who tried to resist.

Five other persons were brought in for questioning because their identities were unclear.

The Pussy Riot band members have attracted international attention, sympathy and support after they were arrested for a performance believed to humiliate and anger Russian President Vladimir Putin. They’ve been on trial and were sentenced to prison, with an appeals trial now set to begin October 10. staff