Thousands hit by new power failure

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Nearly 24,000 households and businesses in Oslo were without power Tuesday morning because of a technical problem at a transformer station at Ulven on the city’s east side. It was the second major power outage in the Norwegian capital in the past week.

Officials at Hafslund, the company responsible for the electricity network in Oslo, said that workers scrambled to restore power and were able to start re-connecting customers shortly after they lost electricity at around 8am. By 9am, most if not all power was restored.

“It’s extremely seldom that we have so many customers affected by a power cut,” Hafslund spokesman Morten Schau told Norwegian Broadcasting (NRK). “An advantage of being in Oslo is that power outages are rare or relatively short, since we have many re-connection possibilities.”

Last week, however, tens of thousands of customers were also left without electricity over wide areas of Torshov, Sagene and Sinsen. That outage was blamed on an error in an overhead cable. staff