State threatens to fine Netflix

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The US-based film and TV streaming system Netflix is now available for use in Norway and seems well-received except in one important area: Its rules of use demand Norwegian consumers to give up their consumer rights in Norway, and that’s viewed as illegal.

State regulators called the rules “unreasonable” and threatened it’s likely any attempted enforcement of them by Netflix would be struck down in a Norwegian court. In the meantime, Netflix may get hit with a ban on enforcing their rules of use and a fine “if they don’t change them,” Petter Ravne Bugten of the  state consumer ombudsman’s office told newspaper Aftenposten.

Netflix’ rules of use require consumers to relinquish their right to claim such rights in court and that’s causing reaction among regulators as well as consumers. A Netflix representative tried to downplay the conflict, telling Aftenposten that Netflix “respects the rights that protect consumers” and that Netflix acknowledges that consumers have the right to seek protection from a local court. staff