Cracks emerge in Tromsø bridge

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The large bridge spanning the water from the island where the city of Tromsø is located towards the mainland needs major maintenance work. It’s suffering from, among other things, rust and cracks in its concrete construction, reports local newspaper iTromsø.

The bridge into downtown Tromsø needs repairs. PHOTO:

Engineer Olaf Sandnes of the state highway department Statens vegvesen told iTromsø that some of the cracks are up to several centimeters deep. Needed maintenance work, he said, will probably run into a three-digit million amount, with the local country responsible for paying the bill.

Local politicians contend the state must help offset the costs of rehabilitating the bridge, called Tromsøbrua. “The county can’t manage to pick up that bill alone,” local transport official Terje Olsen told iTromsø. staff