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Wednesday, April 17, 2024

Convicted terrorist unhappy in prison

The young Norwegian terrorist who killed 77 persons in twin attacks last year has written a 27-page complaint about his prison conditions. Anders Behring Breivik has access to three separate cells, but claims the high-security measures to which he’s subjected will drive him to suicide.

Newspaper Dagsavisen opted on Thursday to report on Breivik’s complaint, even writing a separate article on why the newspaper decided his objections to life in prison were worth covering. While stating that Breivik’s actions last year are “unforgivable” and that he doesn’t deserve any public podium, editor Kaia Storvikk wrote that his prison conditions “are part of our national settlement with Breivik.” She noted that “we don’t feel sorry for Breivik,” but the paper thought it was important to write about his life in prison “because he is still a dangerous man.”

Breivik accused the director of Ila Prison and several persons within the Justice Ministry’s corrections division for subjecting him to unreasonably strict and degrading prison conditions. He claimed they also are restricting his right to freedom of expression, and intentionally trying to break him down psychologically.

Dagsavisen reported that the prison director has since asked for an evaluation of whether he’s impartial after Breivik suggested the corrections officials are acting out of spite because his bomb killed and wounded some of their Justice Ministry colleagues last year.

Breivik is being held under maximum security and in isolation, also for his own protection against other prisoners. He reportedly has finally accepted a visit from his mother, though, and is writing a book. He has never shown any sign of regret for the death, injury and destruction he incurred on July 22, 2011. staff



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