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Thursday, May 23, 2024

Mountain storm warnings posted

State meteorologists were warning on Thursday that a stormy weekend was in the forecast, especially in central Norway and the mountains of southern Norway. “This is not the weekend to head for the mountains for a ski trip, or at all,” cautioned meteorologist Martin Grønerød.

A major low pressure system was moving in from the west, expected to bring strong winds, rain and snow at higher elevations.

Rockin’ and rollin’ on Saturday night
“The most powerful system will hit land during the night on Saturday, or very early Sunday,” Grønerød told website “But the worst winds will come shortly afterwards, like an angry tail.”

Storms were forecast in the counties of Møre og Romsdal and Trøndelag, especially along the coast. “When the winds are from the northwest, though, it can blow far into land,” Grønerød said. “It’s kind of a scary direction for the wind. A minor storm from the northwest can be as bad as a full storm from the west.”

He said winds would increase from Friday evening, with possibilities of a storm already on Friday morning in the Trøndelag counties.

No long ski trips
He urged winter sports enthusiasts to avoid the mountains this weekend, and not to set off on any long ski treks. “There will be a lot of wind and a lot of precipitation,” Grøndemø warned. “That means poor visibility. It won’t be much fun to be in the mountains this weekend.”

Winds are expected to ease late Sunday but he advised folks to stay home anyway, warning that driving also can be hazardous.

Better weather farther south
The weather was predicted to be better south of Stad and father south along the west coast, but rain and wind were still in the forecast, especially north of Bergen. Northern Norway was also told to brace for more rainy and windy weather.

Residents of southern and eastern Norway could expect better weather but winds were expected in Oslo as well on Saturday. State meteorologist Bjørn Røsting agreed with his colleague that it was best to skip a trip to the mountains.

“There will be storms so no one should head for the mountains this weekend,” Røsting said. “We expect stormy weather early Sunday and then calmer weather after that.”

Views and News from Norway/Nina Berglund

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