Oil industry claims huge number of jobs

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Norway’s oil industry claims it’s responsible for far more jobs than state analysts have given it credit for. A new report from the industry itself claims it provides fully a quarter-million Norwegians with full-time employment.

The report from industry association Norsk olje og gass (formerly known as the Norwegian Oil Industry Association, OLF), released at the group’s annual conference, claimed that ripple effects from the oil and gas business provides 250,000 jobs in Norway, “directly or indirectly.”

That compares to the 43,017 jobs attached directly to petroleum operations by state statistics bureau SSB in 2009 plus 20,055 jobs linked to petroleum-relaed businesses. The industry thinks it makes a bigger contribution to the national economy.

The organization recently changed its name to, in English, Norwegian Oil and Gas, encompassing gas-related businesses and claiming it was “a more precise expression of who we are today and who we will be in the future,” according to director general Gro Brækken.

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