Bergensbanen running again

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The popular train line between Bergen and Oslo reopened on Monday after its tracks were blocked by an earthslide in the mountains between Finse and Haugastol. The slide caused major delays at the busy end of a holiday weekend.

Norwegian Broadcasting (NRK) reported that the slide itself wasn’t big, but it tore down the train’s power lines and left trees and mud strewn over the tracks. A spokesman for state railway NSB said the slide hit at the “worst possible place,” where there are no adjacent roads so it wasn’t possible to merely drive passengers beyond the slide area.

Instead, NSB had to provide bus service over a much longer distance, from Voss on the western side of the mountains to Ål on the eastern side, adding around two to four hours of travel time. At least 2,000 passengers were affected by the delays.

Crews worked throughout the day to clear the tracks and remount power lines, and service was restored late Monday. staff