Norway moves on to Euro 2013 semi-finals

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Norway’s female football stars scored again on Monday, beating Spain’s national team 3-1 in the Women’s European Football Championships (Euro 2013). Now Norway will face off against Denmark in the semi-finals on Thursday.

Their latest victory means Norway will win at least the bronze medal in the championships, since there’s no bronze-medal playoff. The next step will be the semi-finals and both the Norwegian players and their coaches were thrilled.

“This is just unreal,” player Solveig Gundersen, who scored one of Norway’s goals, told Norwegian Broadcasting (NRK). “I’m exhausted, but so happy. We’re a great team!”

The Spanish team “is always dangerous,” said national coach Even Pellerud, “but when we had a 3-0 lead our pulse began to go down.” One of the goals was an embarrassing self-goal for the Spaniards, but  Ada Hegerberg scored Norway’s second goal, and her first in the tournament, thus securing Norway’s spot in the semi-finals.

The final match, if Norway makes it past Denmark, is scheduled for Sunday. staff