Bhatti ‘alive and well’

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Arfan Bhatti, the former gang member, convicted felon and radical Islamist who disappeared in the Middle East in January, is alive and well in a prison in Pakistan, his defense attorney confirmed over the weekend.

Bhatti, who had traveled to the Middle East last year to engage in jihad (holy war), reportedly was arrested in the border area between Pakistan and Afghanistan during the winter. In April came news that he was in the custody of Pakistani authorities, and being held at a secret location.

His family finally heard from him around 10 days ago, his brother told newspaper VG on Sunday, but his exact location was kept under wraps. His attorney John Christian Elden said he couldn’t say much about Bhatti’s situation in Pakistan until he’s back in Norway.

Bhatti reportedly told his family that he’s now in an “ordinary” prison and awaiting the outcome of a legal process. He expected to be released soon, his brother told VG. staff