School plans to confiscate mobile phones

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The principal of a junior high school in Drammen is so worried about how students are using their mobile phones that she wants to demand them to all be turned in upon arrival at school in the morning. Students will be able to retrieve them at the end of the day.

“We have a rule here at Galterud School that students are not allowed to use mobile phone during the school day,” principal Lillian Eilertsen told newsaper Dagsavisen. The best way to enforce it, she’s proposing to the school’s parents’ organization, is to confiscate the phones each day.

She’s mostly worried about how students are subjected to often hurtful communication, that photos of students in compromising situations are published and that students are absorbed in social media and mobile apps. That can also interfere with concentration in the classroom. It’s the distribution of photographs that Eilertsen sees as the biggest problem. staff