Schools urged to offer Christmas services

Norway’s education ministry is urging all schools around the country to offer religious services to their students before the Christmas holidays, or an alternative for students who don’t want to take part in Norwegian (Lutheran) Church services. “It’s great that so many schools already offer students a visit to church in connection with Christmas,” Education […]

More heads may roll in the Oslo schools

Terje Moen, deputy leader of the Norwegian labour organization representing school employees, thinks more top city employees in charge of education in Oslo should consider resigning. Those who worked closely with outgoing schools director Astrid Søgnen, who was forced to resign this week, are at the top of Moen’s list. He argues that the conflict […]

Oslo schools chief quits under pressure

UPDATED: Astrid Søgnen, director of education for the City of Oslo, has finally agreed to resign her powerful post after more than a year of conflict and controversy. She’s not leaving entirely, though, and will keep her million-kroner-plus salary after being offered a different job in which she’ll “contribute to the cultural area” of the […]

‘Culture of fear’ prompts new city probe

Oslo’s Labour Party-led government has another problem on its hands, following complaints of a “culture of fear” within the city’s planning and building agency (Plan- og bygningsetaten). The city politician in charge has felt compelled to order an external probe. Hanne Marcussen of the city government said she ordered the probe following “serious claims” that […]

Oslo schools caught in power struggle

An unusually nasty power struggle over control of Norway’s largest school district now threatens to topple Oslo’s entire city government. The struggle pits longtime Oslo school administrators against their new political leader Inga Marte Thorkildsen, leaving her boss, city government leader Raymond Johansen, to resolve the conflict or face a lack of confidence vote himself. […]

College students’ drop-out rate high

More Norwegians pursue higher education and start degree programs than their contemporaries do in other OECD countries, but far fewer finish. Government officials are concerned about the trend that shows how only 60 percent of students in Norway actually graduate with a college degree. The trend emerged in a new survey from the OECD (Organisation […]

Absent children worry schools

Increasing numbers of children are failing to turn up on the first day of school in Oslo, and both school officials and city administrators are worried. In several cases, they’ve had to resort to reporting the children’s parents to police, for hindering their own daughter’s or son’s education. “On Monday we’ll be dropping four children […]

Unrest plagues schools in Oslo

The looming summer holidays probably can’t come soon enough for teachers and city officials in the Oslo school system. After months of conflicts over unruly students, frustrated teachers, complaints over their alleged lack of freedom of expression and scathing criticism of the schools’ top administrator, the city goverment official in charge of it all is […]

Schools struggle with lack of discipline

A new report from public education officials in Oslo reveals that even elementary schools are now faced with unruly students as young as six who “beat, kick, bite and vandalize classrooms.” Incidents of violence and threats have increased greatly in recent years. Part of the increase is linked to more teachers reporting more trouble in […]

Norway has the oldest students in Europe

College and university students in Norway are the oldest in Europe, according to new numbers from state statistics bureau SSB (Statistics Norway). Fully 25 percent of Norwegian students are over the age of 30. Norway has long had much older students than those in the US, for example, where most college students come directly from […]