Toilets froze, school forced to close

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It was so cold in Northern Norway on Monday that the water in the toilets at a school in Kautokeino froze. “When we also saw icicles on the faucets, it was a bit much,” Ellen Inga O Hætta told Norwegian Broadcasting (NRK). She closed the Samisk High School and sent students home.

Thermometers plunged to minus-41C, even lower in some areas of Finnmark County, and school bus service was also suspended. So was some garbage collection, when the fleet of trucks had trouble operating.

It was even shockingly cold in Karasjok, where local residents are used to extremely low temperatures during the dark winter months. Hardy small children at the local elementary school defied the Arctic freeze, though, and were out playing as usual, reported their clearly impressed principal Arnul Solgeng. Even though the school buses weren’t running, the school itself remained open. staff