Norwegian faces new life sentence in Congo

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Prosecutors in the Democratic Republic of Congo have asked a local court to sentence Norwegian-British murder defendant Joshua French to life in prison, claiming he killed his former Norwegian cell mate and co-defendant in another murder trial, Tjostolv Moland.

“Moland didn’t commit suicide, he was murdered,” prosecutor Katende Nkulus claimed in court on Friday. Nkulus rejected a Norwegian coroner’s report that ruled Moland’s death a suicide after forensic examinations found his blood to have a high alcohol and drug content.

Nkulu claimed French is “a dangerous man” and that he and Moland quarreled often. Both men were sentenced to death in early court verdicts in connection with the murder of their driver nearly four years ago.

Norwegian authorities have invested an enormous of time and resources in trying to get both men transferred to prison in Norway, and now are aiding French’s defense of the new murder charges against him. His defense attorney was due to make his final arguments on Tuesday. staff