Police raided Hells Angels clubhouse again

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Oslo police have arrested more persons in connection with a major narcotics investigation, after raiding the Hells Angels’ clubhouse in Oslo’s Alnabru district on Tuesday. Police already had charged another Hells Angels member in the case and said they now have four persons on custody.

Richard Beck Pedersen of the Oslo Police District told newspaper Aftenposten that the alleged violations of Norway’s narcotics law were behind the police decision to raid the clubhouse located at Strømsveien 222 in Oslo. The person charged in the case on Monday was said to have been arrested near his home in Oslo.

Pedersen said that several seizures were made during the raid, which he claimed was “carefully planned.” He said the Oslo police are backing up national crime unit Kripos in its investigation of the narcotics charges.

Six persons were inside the Hells Angels clubhouse when police arrived. Another police spokesman said that “we have said and still believe that this (the Hells Angels motorcycle club) is a criminal organization. Therefore we visit them now and then.”

Seven alleged members of the club were convicted last year in a case that upheld a lower court’s ruling that they were part of an organized crime unit.

newsinenglish.no staff