Students killed in Kenya

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Two young Norwegians on a study tour in Kenya were killed during the weekend when the van they were riding in collided with a truck while they were traveling towards Nairobi. Eight others were injured and the driver of the van was killed as well.

There were 11 persons riding in the van, including the students, a teacher from their Valdres Folkehøyskole (high school) in Leira, a local contact and a local guide. The two students killed in the collision on Saturday morning were identified as Mia Hjerpbakk, age 19 from Trondheim, and Simen Rismyhr Engelund, age 20 from Elverum.

Foreign Ministry personnel were providing assistance to survivors of the crash including those who were not hospitalized. Two of the students who were most seriously injured were undergoing surgery at a hospital in Nairobi Sunday evening.

Staff from Oslo with experience in handling emergencies flew to Nairobi while Norway’s embassy in Nairobi sent staff to the scene of the accident. staff