Romanian Embassy plans ‘open house’

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The Romanian Embassy in Oslo has announced plans to open its doors for a few hours next month for what it’s calling a “public diplomacy event” that it hopes will “strengthen ties among people, promote friendship and common understanding.”

The event, called “Open Doors — Open Hearts,” will open the embassy at Oscars Gate 51 on Friday afternoon May 9, from 4-6pm to “everybody interested in interacting with the Romanian Embassy and its staff, Romanians and foreigners alike.”

The embassy has long aimed to boost the image of Romania in Norway, with its current ambassador also speaking out on the problems associated with poor migrant Romanians setting up camp in Norwegian cities and begging on the streets. Last year the embassy also sponsored an event to highlight successful Romanians in Norway.

Guests will be asked to present identification at the door for access to the embassy, which will also offer an exhibition of Orthodox Christian icons. staff