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Sunday, May 26, 2024

First big Russ party played out ‘quietly’

Music blared and thousands of partying high-school graduates turned out for one of the first major parties of the so-called Russ season at Tryvann in Oslo over the weekend, but police reported that the event nonetheless proceeded relatively quietly.

There were no major incidents, with none of the violence or assaults that have marred Russ celebration in recent years. Newspaper Aftenposten reported that those attending the huge outdoor party at Tryvann, which features the elaborate Russ buses decked out by groups of graduates, were “the kindest” and best-behaved Russ in years after a “disappointing” start to the celebrations last week just before Easter.

“It was lots of fun,” Josephine Hernes, soon to graduate from the Steinerskole in Oslo, told Aftenposten. “I was afraid there would be a lot of stress and that there’d be fights, but it wasn’t scary at all.”

She said she intended to head back to Tryvann for more traditional partying on Wednesday, the night before the May 1 Labour Day holiday. In the meantime, she and her friends spent Sunday relaxing in the sunshine in an Oslo park.

Police were well-prepared for the major event at Tryvann, with patrols out in force to maintain order and respond quickly to any incidents. The Russ season runs through Norway’s Constitution Day on the 17th of May. staff



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