Christian Democrats set up own think tank

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Norway’s small Christian Democrats party (Kristelig Folkeparti, KrF) has become the latest political party to set up a think tank, not surprisingly based on a goal of “stimulating” Christian ideology.

The Conservatives have long been behind the Oslo-based think tank Civita, while Labour launched its think tank Agenda last year. Now KrF is establishing what it calls the Kristendemokratisk Forum (Christian Democratic Forum).

The forum was set up at the initiative of KrF’s main board but is “free to stimulate ideological thinking” around current and long-term issues, reported news bureau NTB.

“Interest in the ideas that form practical politics is rising,” said Erik Lunde, leader of the board for the forum. “The establishment of think tanks like Civita and Agenda are examples of this.” Lunde claimed that Norwegian Christian Democrats have not had their own arena for idea development and ideological debate, but hopes they now will. staff