Council of Europe re-elects Jagland

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Former Norwegian Prime Minister and veteran Labour Party politician Thorbjørn Jagland looks likely to continue living in Strasbourg for at least another five years. Jagland, age 63, was re-elected on Tuesday to lead the Strasbourg-based Council of Europe for a second term.

Thorbjørn JaglandThe Council of Europe has 47 member nations and promotes cooperation among all European countries regarding human rights, legal standards, democratic development and culture. Jagland was first elected as its secretary general in 2009, after ending his term as president of Norway’s Parliament.

Jagland, who also serves as chairman of the Norwegian Nobel Committee, was re-elected over rival Sabine Leutheusser-Schnarrenberger of Germany by a vote of 156 to 93. His new term will officially start on October 1 and run through 2019. staff