Thousands set to run in the Oslo Marathon

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Around 25,000 people including at least one ambassador are set to take part in this weekend’s Oslo Marathon. Not everyone will be running the full 42 kilometers, though, with various distances offered to attract everyone from children (500 meters) to runners opting for a half-marathon.

The main action gets underway on Saturday morning, with this year’s route winding through Skøyen on the west side of the city to Tøyen and Sørenga on the east and south sides. Traffic disruption was expected, with some streets closed and some public transit lines affected. Police will be on the streets to regulate traffic in areas along the route.

Among those planning to run in marathon events is Iraqi Ambassador Sundus Omar Ali, Iraq’s first female ambassador who’s been stationed in Oslo for the past few years. The team will run the 10 kilometer-race on Saturday afternoon and include members of the Iraqi community in Norway. Just days after Norway offered more aid to help the Iraqis fend off Islamic extremists, the embassy team will be running under the motto “Run for Iraq UPP (Unity, Peace, Prosperity).” staff