Heavy military traffic hits Norwegian roads

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Police were warning that the conclusion of a major NATO military exercise in Norway will lead to more extensive convoys of military vehicles on several highways in southeastern Norway. The massive movements of vehicles and material may snarl traffic over the next week.

Around 20,000 tons of military hardware needs to be transported back to the NATO countries from which it came. It’s all part of the NATO exercise “Noble Ledger” that’s been carried out in and around Rena and Elverum.

Military traffic was expected to be especially heavy on state highways 2, 3 and 24 and on the E16 around Kløfta. The main E6 highway through Oslo to Fredrikstad was also to be affected, while other military vehicles would be heading back to the Brevik Terminal in Porsgrunn.

The convoy activity was due to run from Wednesday through October 2, with most of it occurring from September 26-28.

newsinenglish.no staff