Prosecutor wants extremist jailed

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A state prosecutor asked an Oslo court to sentence Islamic extremist Ubaydullah Hussain to at least 10 months in jail for inciting terror by “glorifying” terrorist acts on social media.

When Hussain’s trial ended last week, prosecutor Carl Fredrik Fari claimed the defendant was well aware that his glorification of violent acts would encourage others to kill. He wants Hussain punished for praising the executions carried out by other radical Islamic extremists.

The case has pitted Hussain’s praise of terrorism against Norwegian laws guaranteeing freedom of expression. Hussain seems confident that his provocative messages on social media are protected by Norwegian freedom of expression, even though Hussain otherwise claims he rejects laws not imposed by Allah.

Hussain’s defense attorney claimed that hailing terrorism “can be seen as provocative, but it’s not illegal.” The case was viewed as important as a matter of principle, as the court went into deliberations. staff