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Sunday, April 21, 2024

Pedophile also ordered released from prison

Erik Andersen, the west coast businessman who finally was caught and jailed after years of victimizing young boys around the country, was ordered released early from his 10-year term of custody aimed at protecting the public from Norway’s most dangerous criminals.

A court in Bærum was convinced Andersen, also known as “the pocket man,” was no longer a dangerous pedophile and thus eligible for release after serving just seven years of his 10-year term known as forvaring, the special form of protective custody that can be extended indefinitely. His release order came just a day after another court also ordered the release, after just 10 years in prison, of a man who killed a police officer and was part of carrying out the biggest armed robbery in Norwegian history. That case has prompted politicians to propose quick changes to the law that allowed such an early release.

Andersen’s sentence was also expected to keep him in prison much longer, and lawyers representing many of his child victims immediately protested. He was convicted of abusing 66 boys over the course of many years as he traveled around Norway on business.

Prosecutors said they would review the court decision that allows probation for Andersen under reportedly strict conditions. They have two weeks to appeal. Andersen, age 62, will be held in custody until the two weeks expire or an eventual appeal is heard. staff



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