Speed cameras have saved lives

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A new study shows that the number of fatal and serious car accidents has been cut in half on Norwegian roads where traffic cameras aimed at monitoring motorists’ speed were set up.

The future is unclear for traffic cameras like this one between Molde and Bud in western Norway. PHOTO: Knut Opeid/Statens Vegvesen

Traffic cameras like this one between Molde and Bud in western Norway have led to a sharp reduction in car accidents on roads where they’re located. PHOTO: Knut Opeid/Statens Vegvesen

The study from the state transport economics institute showed an accident decline of nearly half between the years of 2004 and 2010. The number of accidents resulting in personal injury declined by nearly a third along the first kilometer of roadway from the spot where a camera (called fotobokser in Norwegian) was placed.

The transport economics institute evaluated data from 223 cameras installed along Norwegian roads from 2000 to 2010, reports news bureau NTB. The cameras, which take photos of cars as speed is checked, almost always prompt speeding motorists to slow down, in the hopes of avoiding a fine. The study showed that the cameras nonetheless led to NOK 212 million in fines that were paid into the state treasury last year alone.

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