Krekar faces new charges

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Police are investigating new charges filed against Islamic cleric Mullah Krekar, after one of the three Kurds he was convicted of threatening earlier claimed he’d been threatened by Krekar again.

Halmat Goran told TV2 just before the weekend that Krekar had lodged new threats against him on the Kurdish TV channel NRT. “He threatened me because I have burned parts of the Koran earlier,” Goran told TV2.

In 2012, Krekar was convicted and sentenced to two years and 10 months in prison after having been found guilty of threatening Goran, two other Kurds in Norway and Conservative Party leader Erna Solberg, who is now Norway’s prime minister.

Krekar was released from prison in January but ordered sent to a small village in north-central Norway pending his deportation back to Iraq. Krekar appealed the banishment and remains unconfined in Oslo pending further court action. staff