Artist Nerdrum settles with his art institute

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Odd Nerdrum, the Norwegian artist who has been embroiled in legal conflict in recent years, has settled a dispute with the institute he established, The Nerdrum Institute.

Artist Odd Nerdrum

Artist Odd Nerdrum

The institute was set up in 2009, mostly to market Nerdrum’s work. It was supposed to sell Nerdrum’s paintings worldwide, in return for a 50 percent commission.

Sales failed to materialize, however, and Nerdrum dissolved the partnership after two years. Its principles (Allis Helleland, Kjell Wenstad and Bjørn Li) sued for NOK 23 million, claiming the institute could not simply be disbanded, but Nerdrum won in the first court round last year. His former partners then appealed.

Now the two sides have announced in a joint press release that they’d agreed to set aside their differences in return for “an eventual agreed settlement.” The partners have dropped their appeal, but neither side would detail the terms of the agreement. staff