Metal detection club finds treasures

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A group of metal detector enthusiasts and three archaeologists spent the weekend exploring the area around an historic manor house in Ørland, Sør-Trøndelag, and made some surprising discoveries. 

All told, 24 members of the metal detection club from Trondheim found 400 items around the estate called Austråttborgen, some of them said to be in “national top class.” Newspaper Adresseavisen reported that items included Spanish silver coins from the 1500s and a buckle shaped in the form of a cross that’s believed to date from the third or fourth century.

“We found all kinds of things, many fine things,” said county archaeologist Knut Stomsvik. Some of the items were so old that they were delivered to a state museum. Stomsvik said no archaeological excavations have been conducted around the estate before, and the items can help shed light on daily life and tools used during its long history. staff