Metro traffic ground to a halt

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Commuters in the Oslo area faced severe challenges getting to work, school and other appointments on Wednesday morning, after all operations of the metro line (T-bane) ground to a halt. Officials blamed a defective train between the Ensjø and Tøyen stations that forced them to cut power to the entire metro system.

Traffic was still delayed at mid-day and the public transport firm running the system, Ruter, warned that delays would likely continue through the day.

The defective train was removed within an hour of its stall around 6:30am, but for safety reasons, power to the lines running in both directions was cut. That halted both eastbound and westbound metro trains on all lines.

“The situation was challenging,” conceded Cato Asperud, communications chief for the metro line. Commuters had to find other means of transport or, he advised, simply wait for the problems to be corrected. staff