Huge interest all but drowns waterslide project

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Interest is so massive in plans to create a giant waterslide on a hilly street in Oslo this summer that the website set up to sell tickets crashed over the weekend. It simply couldn’t handle the demand.

“Some of you experienced problems yesterday in ordering tickets for Norway’s longest waterslide,” read a message posted on the organizers’ Facebook page. “There was enormous traffic to our website and the old server unfortunately crashed. We have therefore found a new and better server so that problem won’t occur again.”

The organizers apologized but are also pleased by the response to their unusual project that recently won city approval in a revised form. Now the main problem is meeting demand.

“Folks think we have unlimited tickets, but we don’t,” project leader Morten A Brøndmø told newspaper Dagsavisen on tuesday. “We will be sold out.”

He said the exact number of tickets that will be available for the one day the slide will be available (June 11) remained unclear. “It has to do with security and capacity,” he said.

The waterslide (called a vannsklie in Norwegian) will start at the top of Treschows Gate at Bjølsen and run for 300 meters with views over the city and fjord. Ticket prices for adults and children run from NOK 649 down to NOK 100. staff