Garbage chaos breeds more rats

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Milder weather, lots of water pouring through the city’s sewage system and garbage that hasn’t been picked up because of problems with a new city contractor has led to a boom in Oslo’s rat population. Pest exterminators are reporting busy days in what generally is low season for the rodents.

“The garbage containers are full and then people leave their garbage bags on the ground,” Trond Dyrli of Oslo Skadedyrkontroll told state broadcaster NRK. “Then birds peck through the bags and drag the garbage around, and that gives rats great access to food.”

Dyrli said that’s why the pest exterminators have been getting lots of calls of help in recent weeks. “The garbage is clearly one of the reasons there are so many rats right now,” he said.

Problems started when the City of Oslo switched to a new garbage collecting company that hasn’t gained control yet over the job at hand. Even though its fleet of trucks has been pressed into operation day and night, the company clearly has had “teething trouble” establishing routines and emptying garbage bins. staff