False alarm forced airport evacuation

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A woman who feared she was about to miss her flight from Oslo’s main airport at Gardermoen set off a fire alarm late Monday morning that forced the evacuation of large portions of the busy terminals. She missed her flight anyway, and wound up in police custody.

“A female passenger pulled the fire alarm in the hopes of halting the flight,” a spokesman for Avinor, which runs the airport, told newssite VG.no.  “She won’t make that plane now.”

The alarm was set off at gate D2, where a flight was about to depart for Vienna. It was unclear if that’s the flight she intended to take. Instead, she landed in police custody after she was identified by video from one of the many surveillance cameras in operation at all times.

Airport spokesman Lasse Vangstein told VG that the woman can expect a hefty fine. Hundreds if not thousands of passengers were evacuated but airport operations resumed shortly thereafter.

newsinenglish.no staff