No one caught in latest Svalbard slide

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Authorities on Norway’s Arctic archipelago of Svalbard could confirm Sunday evening that no one was missing or injured by yet another avalanche that slid down a mountainside in an area featuring holiday cottages known as hytter on Sunday afternoon.

The area, known as Hjorthamn, is located just across the fjord from Longyearbyen, the main settlement on Svalbard’s island of Spitsbergen. Alarms rang when the snow let loose below the mountain of Hiortfjellet.

The local sheriff told news bureau NTB that the slide area had been searched by emergency personnel and by helicopter. “The search was completed and there’s nothing to indicate anyone was taken by the avalanche,” said sheriff Kjerstin Askholt.

Government ministers were traveling to Svalbard on Monday to review the damage also from last week’s avalanche, and reassure residents of government support for rebuilding efforts in new areas. staff