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Thursday, May 23, 2024

SAS flight made an emergency landing

UPDATED: A Scandinavian Airlines (SAS) flight from Munich to Oslo had to make an emergency landing back at the Munich International Airport on Friday, after one of SAS’ Boeing 737’s engines stopped functioning.

“It was terribly frightening,” one of the passengers on board, Camilla Sylling Clausen, told state broadcaster NRK.

The flight took off at 1:14pm, “and right after it seemed like the plane started falling,” Clausen said. “We knew something was wrong.”

An emergency situation on board was reportedly declared at 1:22pm, but Clausen said that just a few minutes later, “a very friendly captain told us we’d have a normal landing. It seemed a bit shakey, but we landed safely.”

The Munich airport had called out emergency crews, firefighters were standing by and passengers were being attended to by the airline. Clausen said they had no idea when they’d be able to travel on to Oslo.

“Right now we’re just so glad everything went well,” Clausen told NRK on the phone from Munich.

SAS spokesman Fredrik Henriksson told NRK that the aircraft’s left engine developed problems shortly after takeoff. The cockpit crew opted to shut it down, “as is done in such situations,” and return to the airport, Henriksson said.

He said all passengers were being rebooked on other flights to Oslo. He acknowledged that such situations “are always uncomfortable for those on board. It’s extremely seldom that this occurs, but when it does, there are clear procedures we always follow.”

The SAS captain also had a conversation with the passengers about what had happened, before they all disembarked from the aircraft. staff



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