Russian nuclear sub set to sail along the coast

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The world’s largest nuclear submarine, Russia’s Dmitry Donskoy, is reportedly set to sail along Norway’s entire coast from north to south and then into the Baltic this summer. The planned voyage is sparking some concern, but also fascination.

The Independent Barents Observer (external link) reported that the mighty vessel is expected to make the long trip from its home base in Russia’s Arctic and all around the Nordic and Scandinavian peninsula to St Petersburg, to take part in the Russian Navy’s parade outside St Petersburg in July.

A Norwegian military official noted that Russian vessels regularly sail along the Norwegian coast, but this nuclear sub is in a class of her own. Not everyone was enthusiastic about the pending voyage, including a nuclear physicist at the Norwegian environmental organization Bellona who worried about the risks posed by a 40-year-old nuclear submarine “with two relatively large reactors on board.”

Read the full story in the Independent Barents Observer here. staff