Bhatti ordered held in custody

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An Oslo court has granted a police request to hold Islamist Arfan Bhatti in custody for another four weeks. He’s already been in prison since May 16, when he was arrested on charges of illegally acquiring weapons.

Bhatti, age 39, denies he’s guilty of any offenses and claims his arrest and incarceration were politically motivated. He claims he has nothing to do with the acquisition and delivery of weapons as described in the charges.

Bhatti, who has a long police record and has faced various terrorism charges since becoming a radical Islamist, has also been resisting police efforts to take new fingerprints, DNA tests and photographs of him. Bhatti claims the police are harassing him, while the Oslo court ruled that Bhatti’s unwillingness to cooperate heightened the suspicions against him. Its ruling allowed the police the proceed but Bhatti has appealed that as well. staff